The government can also provide incentives that will be

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replica ray ban sunglasses Cult film favourites include The Blues Brothers.Since then, things have moved on. The Northcote incarnation of the Valhalla is now the Westgarth, an arthouse multiplex owned by the Palace chain; today’s cultists are likely to learn about their favourite films on the internet, and see them on DVD.A cult phenomenon in this sense needs the support of an adventurous exhibitor, with a personal vision of what cinema could and should be.Thanks to a few brave souls, late night cult movies have been making a comeback around town. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image led the way with its Freaky Fridays program, which has run since 2005, though screenings begin at the relatively unadventurous time of 9.30pm.Aided by specially allocated funding from Melbourne City Council, last year’s Melbourne International Film Festival incorporated an unusual number of late shows in its schedule, including a one off presentation of Joe Dante’s epic The Movie Orgy (1968), ending after 4am.But commercial venues have also been getting into the act replica ray ban sunglasses.

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