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Everton land Lokomotiv Moscow forward Oumar Niasse in £13.5m move

Roberto Martínez said Oumar Niasse’s versatility will give Everton “a different quality” in attack after the Senegal international sealed a £13.5m move from Lokomotiv Moscow.

Premier League transfer window January 2016: club-by-club verdicts Read more

Niasse became the third most expensive transfer in Everton’s history, behind £28m Romelu Lukaku and £15m Marouane Fellaini like it, 0 celine bag 30 cm equals how many inches when he signed a four-and-a-half-year contract on deadline day. The 25-year-old 0 celine bag 30 cm to feet was scouted by Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and Aston Villa while scoring 13 goals in 23 games for Lokomotiv this season, also providing 10 assists, but Everton made the first significant $4850 celine runway sleeveless alpaca hooded coat fr34 nwt bid for $950 new celine us 10 eu 40 pony hair 2 Russia’s Premier League player $230 new bcbg max azria dress celine coral reef rwy6k765 sz xs of the year for 2015. Bayer Leverkusen and Monaco had offers rejected for the 44-times capped Senegal striker, who wanted a move to the Premier League because his wife is based in Manchester.

The forward, who could be eligible to make his Everton debut at Stoke City on Saturday, said: “It’s a great day for me, a big dream to play in the Premier League and a big dream to play for Everton. I know Everton is one of the big clubs here in England $4350 authenic new celine medium box bag in camel brown leather gold hardware with history, the fans and the great players, so I’m very excited and happy to be here.

“I started to watch Everton more since the beginning of October because I had heard about their interest. I was interested to see how they play and how they have good young players. If you see players who are aged 20 or 21 and see them perform like that, you know you have a good coach. The manager has said exactly what he wants. He believes I can be a player who can add something to the team. It was not difficult to talk and understand one another. You can see also that he is a good person and I am really looking forward to playing for my new team.”

Everton’s outlay on another striker will inevitably raise questions about Lukaku’s future, with the club’s leading goalscorer expected to be targeted by several European clubs this summer, but Martínez claims Niasse represents a different option to the strikers at his disposal.

Stoke confirm signing of Giannelli Imbula for club record £18.3m Read more

The Everton manager said: “We’re delighted because Oumar is a player we have been following for a long time. He is the right personality and someone who is in a very good moment of his career. He has had a lot of success in Russia and he brings a different quality to what we already have in our squad. He’s got a really good physicality – he is very strong and powerful.

“It’s not $1350 meteora celine ankle boots shoes black leather runway us 38 us 8 just scoring goals, $2995 nwt celine phoebe philo black wool silk tuxedo dress fr 40 2 4 6 he penetrates teams and opens up teams in the final third, which allows others to benefit from his work as well. He is a strong, powerful striker who can play in different positions.

“He is going to be a terrific, fresh addition to a squad that will welcome his ability.”

Niasse has not played $550 celine purple satin pumps shoes size 10 a competitive fixture since 10 December due to the break in the Russian league season and Martínez said: “He’ll need a little bit of time to understand the Premier League, with the tempo and all the new aspects of the league. But I wouldn’t expect too long because he is the type of player who can have an impact in any game.”

Aiden McGeady and Conor McAleny left Everton on loan, joining Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan Athletic respectively.

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101; charged with criminal attempt to possess narcotics

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He didn swat me with his hat but said that he understood my

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vero che di notte il traffico diminuisce sensibilmente ma s

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